Word Matters

Let’s Start with Our ABC’s

As a writer, I’m fascinated with the power of words. 

Take the English language for example. It consists of just twenty six letters. 

Yet in America’s short history, that little number has formed enough words to start revolutions, wars, billion dollar companies, explorations into the unknown, and so much more.

In fact, the longest alphabet today is Khmer, spoken in Cambodia and parts of Thailand, with 74 letters. Still relatively small when compared to our ancestors.

The ancient Egyptian alphabet consisted of 1,000 hieroglyphic symbols and the Mayan alphabet 800 glyphs. A much more reasonable number for building empires, don’t you think?

Yet, here we are.

I created this blog to demonstrate how words affect change. Because I believe words are the secret to getting what you want.

Why Should You Care?

The art of persuasion, negotiation, monologue and dialogue is everywhere: from little kids begging for ice cream before dinner, 

to teens fighting to stay out late.

From adults bucking for a better deal on a new car, 

to asking someone out on a date. 

Words are how we convince each other to take our side. 

And who better to learn from than those who’ve moved mountains with their imaginations? 

In this blog, I’ll study how people have used words for influence throughout history and share my thoughts on why they worked. 

We’ll explore speeches, letters, folk tales, myths, essays, religions, storytelling, urban legends, ad campaigns, hoaxes, cons and more. All to see how peculiar requests, revolutionary beliefs, and great inventions were realized.


So you too, can persuade people to accept your point of view, follow you, jump on board, give you what you’re asking for. 


See you next post.  – Philip